Holly: The Heart- Opening Flower

From Harden heart to generosity-

Holly Branches are often part of the Christmas decorations in some English speaking countries- There is no coincidence we find it during this time of year- Holly is connected to the principle of the divine, all-encompassing love, The highest quality of energy through which we all live, is our true elixir. It is the greatest healing power. The heart is completely open. Sharing our joy and hearts through the world.

However, when negative experiences happen to us where the heart is wounded, we start to close and harden. Ebenezer Scrooge -

in A Christmas Carol is a good example of a negative holly state- In the negative state of holly feelings of anger, rage, jealousy and envy. The person will be easily annoyed, unfriendly or aggressive. Bad tempered and disconnected but you do not know why. Distrust, ill feelings, and suspicion. Children will exhibit anger, sudden outburst and even physical violence.

Holly flower essence proves useful to help with these feelings and is a useful tool in treating relationships. In the positive potential: You think with your heart. You will approach others openly and with good will. You live in inner harmony with goodwill and warm-heartedness.

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