Date and Almond Shake

Date and Almond shake

This shake does wonders for your health and satisfy any sweet tooth! Dates are well known for their benefits, full of iron and vitamin B6. Excellent for Vata and Pitta, Kapha as usual keep sweet taste in moderation. Dates strengthen the liver and are good brain food- doing some studying or research this shake will perk you right up to continue your work and awaken your brain. Dates also calm the lungs and fevers.

Almonds another powerhouse! Full of vitamin E, magnesium and protein. Almonds should be peeled to help them digest better. Great for Vata in moderation for Pitta and Kapha. All around restorative when feeling exhausted.


3 dates chopped

Handful of peeled almonds

Milk of choice- Plant based or dairy

Blend until smooth

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