What is tridoshic balance?

When all the qualities are most balanced, the result is optimal health on many dimensions. As you move to this state, the elevated doshas manifest as Prana, Tejas and Ojas. Diet and lifestyle are the first step to achieve this balance. Herbs will only work appropriately if your body can digest them and are able to reach the tissues to nourish and heal.


Respiration, oxygenation, circulation, keeps cells alive.

Sustains our life force.

All sensory and motor functions.

All mental activity, flow of communication.

The bridge between body, mind & consciousness.

Holds all particles together.

Governs the biological functions of ojas and tejas.


Maintains immunity of bodily tissues; protective energy.

Vitality, lustre of eyes, glow of skin, subtle substance of the aura

Compassion, contentment, love, clarity, expansion of consciousness. Keeps joints in place.

Keeps doshas in their sites.

Maintains quality & quantity of dhatus, malas & doshas.

Nourishes sensory perception.


What gives us strength, nutrition, tone of muscles, healthy glow and lustre.

The energy of digestion and transformation of everything we take in and experience.

Cellular intelligence and metabolic activity.

Governs body temperature.

Colour perception.

Colour of complexion, eyes & skin.

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