Spinach Wraps with Chickpeas and Avocado

Spinach wraps with chickpeas and avocado

For the wraps:

1 cup of chickpea flour

½ cup of tapioca flour

½ cup of spinach

1 1/8 cup water

1 tsp of salt

Mix all ingredients in a food processor. Add about 1/3 of a cup of the mix in pan with ghee and cook until you see edges cook. It will resemble a pancake; they will be pliable because of the tapioca flour so you are able to fold them in a warp.

Chickpea filling:

1 tin of chickpeas

2 tsp of paprika

2 tsp of cumin

2 tsp of coriander

1 tsp of salt

¼ cup of water

Add drained chickpeas to a pan with ghee, add paprika, salt and water and mash down to a paste.

Serve with Avocado and fresh salsa.

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