Chestnut Bud: The Learning Flower

Do you ever feel like you are in a pattern that you just cannot break? Need support breaking or changing habits? dating same type even though they are not suitable for you and ends up in disaster! You keep on getting into the same situation repeatedly? Experiences are not really digested and not enough is learned from them. You prefer not to go deep into a subject you rather start a new and forget about it. Chestnut Bud is the flower that will help you observe, learn and be interested in your experiences and the experiences of others for ongoing development. This essence will help you be more mentally dexterous and enjoy learning. Chestnut Bud takes you from superficial to experience.

Chestnut Bud helps you to better coordinate your internal thought process with the outer circumstances. Slowly but surely you learn to consider things quietly, without pressure. You will gain some perspective on yourself, enabling you to see things from another's viewpoint. A base will be created from which you can learn new things and enjoy life in its variety.

This flower essence is helpful for children to enhance their learning or if they have slow cognitive development or learning disabilities. It also aids people who find it difficult to focus on a partner during a conversation because their thoughts race ahead.

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