Aromatherapy in Ayurveda

Aroma, gem, colour and mantra (sound) therapies work more on a subtle level, healing through the mind, the senses and the absorption of subtle impressions. Pure fragrances are used in the forms of incense, flower essences, and essential oil. Essential oils when applied to skin must be diluted in a carrier oil: Vata use sesame, Pitta use coconut, and Kapha use mustard.

It is especially useful to place drops of oil on various body sites: The crown, third eye, temples (for headaches) at the root of the nose for sinus problems or at the heart. Marma points are specific sites on the body that balance the doshas and their associated health situation, when oils are applied to them, more on this subject on future post.

For this post we will mention the marma points specific to aromatherapy and the dosha. Vata- Third Eye, Pitta-Heart Chakra, Kapha- Between the navel and pubic bone. Aromatic oils have the same properties as the herb or plant. Now when using essential oils, you can now have a deeper understanding on how they work energetically and their benefit to balance the doshas in a subtle fragrant way.

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