Suppressing Natural Urges

Ayurveda emphasises in gentle natural methods. To highlight this, Ayurveda notes that certain bodily urges are natural and necessary for proper health and functioning of the mind, emotions and body. The result of suppressing these natural urges creates health problems. It is for these reasons that Ayurveda advises that people follow nature's call, living naturally and gently, without straining and forcing.

Results of Suppressing Natural Urges: Classic Ayurvedic text- Caraka Samhita

1) Sleep: Insomnia, fatigues, headache, deranges the vital force.

2) Cry: Eye disease, allergies, light headedness, heart disease (suppressed emotions)

3) Sneeze: Headache, facial nerve pain, numbness, , weak senses, lung disorders and respiratory allergies.

4) Breathe: Coughing, Asthma, shallow breath, low vitality, heart disease.

5) Belch: Cough, hiccups, anorexia, difficult breathing and palpitations.

6) Yawn: Tremors, numbness, convulsions, insomnia, harms the nervous system, deranges Vayu.

7) Vomit: Nausea, anorexia, oedema, anaemia, fever, skin diseases, damages Kapha.

8) Eat: Low appetite and digestion, malabsorption, light headedness, deranges the whole body and mind, suppressed the Agni and Pitta.

9) Drink: Dryness, deafness, fatigue, heart pain, bladder pain, lower backache, headache, damages Vayu and Kapha.

10) Urinate: Kidney and urinary system derangement, difficult or painful urination, bladder pain, lower backache, headache, it deranges Vayu and Kapha.

11) Ejaculate: Weakness the reproductive and urinary systems, penis and teste pain, swollen prostate, difficult urination, cardiac pain, insomnia, Vayu derangement.

12) Defecate: Weakness of the colon, excretory and digestive srotas, causes constipation, abdominal weakness, abdominal distention, headaches, muscle cramps, deranges vayu.

13) Flatulate: Causes constipation, difficult urination, abdominal pain, distention, weakens vayu, air wastes are absorbed into bones and narrow, aggravating arthritis and nerves.

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