Fire, Water, Earth are the elements that support Vata season.

When understanding how to balance the Doshas is helpful to know what the 5 elements are and their properties to understand how they influence food, the taste of food, how they work and build the body and the functions of the Doshas etc. In this case for the Vata season we focus in increasing the elements of Fire, Water and Earth. However, it all has to be in moderation because excess of these elements will increase Pitta and Kapha. As I mentioned before all in moderation, with a nurturing and gentle manner is the best way to approach Ayurveda.

The fire element helps the cold, the water element helps with the dry, and rough and the earth element help with the light, and mobile. All this elements help ground subtle Vata.

The Earth element provides the taste of sweet and sour. It has the properties of growth, weight, stability, strength and a downward movement. The movement provides a proper bowel movement when your earth element is in balance.

The Fire element provide the taste of spicy and salty. It has the properties of kindling digestion, heating, energy giving, radiant, purifying with an upward movement. This upward movement is why if you have excess Pitta one of the symptoms is acid reflux.

The water element provides the taste sweet and salty. It has the properties of moisture, binding, lubricating and cooling. If we want to prevent dry skin, we need to drink water and consume food high in water content like courgettes.

How do we apply these properties in everyday life? In food it means, using cooked spiced foods such as: soups, stews, stewed fruit, rice dishes, well spiced and cooked vegetables. Use spices deliberately to provide the heating effect. Regular food intake to feel grounded. Vata benefits from eating grains, ghee, chicken and eggs to name a few. Vata needs their earth element for nourishment and grounding.

In your lifestyle, embrace the free flow that Vata gives when balance, dance, move, connect spiritually. To keep Vata with this flow, rest, have a massage, do some drawing, get in touch with your creative side and meditate.

This is just a general guideline to understand the elements and how they can help understand Vata and their effects on the doshas. Not all people react the same to the same foods nor digest at the same rate. It all depends on how your Agni strength (digestive ability) is, we will discuss this in the next article. This is very important; to balance Agni really is tone the main aims of Ayurveda.

Please get in touch for further advice that will suit your needs and current situation.

Hari om,


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