Vata the king of doshas

To fully understand Vata and the relationship with our body and mind we need to dive a bit deeper than just understanding the qualities of cold, mobile and rough etc. Unlike Pitta and Kapha, Vata does not have a corporal form, it is also unstable in nature. Vata in its normal state of functioning sustains all organs of the body by way of it’s subdoshas: Prana, Udana, Samana, Apana and Vyana. It prompts all types of actions. It restrains and impels mental activities. Vata coordinates senses faculties and helps the enjoyment of objects. It brings about compactness of the body , it prompts speech, its the origin of touch and sound It. It stimulates the digestive fire and absorb the doshas. Vata promotes, clarity, joy, enthusiasm and courage. Vata is responsible for excretion of waste and is responsible for childbirth. It creates gross and subtle channels and moulds the shape of embryo, Its indicative of the continuity of span of life.

When Vata gets aggravated, it affects the body with various types of diseases and affects strength, complexion, happiness and span of life. It perturbs the mind, affects the sense faculties, it affects the embryo development. It gives rise to fear, anxiety and bewilderment. It takes away life.

Vata’s main seat is the large intestine, catabolises, breakdown all substances and promotes elimination. All Vata diseases will start in the intestines, this is why Vata its the first dosha to bring to balance because it will block the other doshas. In most cases starts as with constipation, this will create toxins or ama that in the longterm will move upwards back to the body opposed to outward and eliminate. Eventually blocking channels and creating diseases.

Prana Vata is responsible for helping take-in air, food water for drinking swallowing =, it moves inside and downward. This principle also applies for emotions intake. Sensory organs work through Prana. Creation of though is also a function of Prana Vata. Pranayama is a great to keep Prana in good health

Udana Vata: Is responsible for breathing out, speech, communication. It moves outwards, it helps with eliminations of gases, burping, coughing and sneezing. Works on the upper respiratory system. Udana and Prana work close together. Singing Mantras help Udana stay healthy - improve shyness of speaking, speech issues.

Vyana Vayu: It moves in all directions in a circular movement. It facilitates circulation, carries nutrients to tissues, moves lymphatic flow, aids in nerve impulses and the actions start from the heart.

Samana Vayu: Its movement is linear, it aids the digestive system, it helps initiate secretions of the digestive enzymes, gallbladder, liver secretations, parasitic movement in the small intestines.

Apana Vaya: The movement is downwards and outwards. Elimination, child birth, menstrtuation, stools .. urine any lower movement. Sexual intercourse, ejeaculation, menstrual cycle is started by Apana, gases,

They all work together:

Prana: Intake of food

Samana: Initiation of digestion

Vyana: Circulates nutrients to the body

Udana: Build tissues with nutrients

Apana: Elimination of toxins

When doing abhyanga- self massage is important to rub oil on your lower back, ears and feet which are Vata areas.

Now that we have broken down Vata a bit further, you can see how really is a force to be reckon with. In this day an age, Vata aggravation is a common occurrence, The constant busy schedules, use of electronic etc. Is no wonder why insomnia, anxiety and depression are the top perils of our society. However Ayurveda has given the tools to help keep Vata in balance through diet and lifestyle and herbs. Vata is the most subtle of all doshas, treatment should be gentle and subtle too. The key is to apply the opposite of its cold and agitated nature. Rest, warmth, plenty of unctuousness, Ghee in food and sesame oil for body massage, pranayama and meditation, gentle yoga will do wonders to keep Vata grounded, full of joy, with clarity and longevity.

Hari om,


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