Spice up your Kitchen the Ayurvedic way!

Did you know that many of the spices found in your cupboard are also healing??

In Ayurveda- spices are not only used for taste but also to help digest and heal the body and mind. Here some spices to get you started getting your Ayurvedic Kitchen ready!

Cardamom: Digestive, expectorant, stomachic, stimulates the mind, reduces mucus formation, detoxifies the caffeine in coffee. -V -P -K

Cumin: Digest, bread, relieves gas, overeating and heavy foods. VPK

Fennel: Stimulant, diuretic, lactogogue, gas, indigestion, menstrual cramps, nausea, promotes menstruation. VPK

Turmeric: Antibacterial, tonic, carminative, blood purifier, wound and bruise healer. VK +P

Ginger: Stimulant, decongestant, digestive, nausea, blood thinner, relives muscle ache. VK +P

Coriander: Digestive, , skin rash, colic, gas, removes excess mucus, conjunctivitis, internal heat, thirst, cystitis, hay fever. V+ KP

Cloves: Expectorant, decongestion, gas, nausea, toothache, clears head, nerves, lymph purifier, antidote for sugary foods VKP+

Cinnamon: Circulatory, Digestive, respiratory, , expectorant, germicide, colds and flus, melancholy, toothache. VPK

Fenugreek: Demulcent, diuretic, nerves, allergies, toothache, sciatica, promotes breastmilk. VKP+

Bay Leaf: Stimulant, carminative, cleansing, headaches, clears cough and congestion. Useful as an insect repellent in the kitchen. Use with Dairy, meat, damp sticky food to reduce the heaviness of these. VKP+

Black Pepper: Carminative, decongestant, decongestant, burns toxins (AMA) , colds, flus, gargle for sore throats, digests fats, metabolism. VKP+

V= Vata



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