The Health and Wellness Club

The Mukti Health and Wellness Club is about joining a community of the same mindset and goals. We all have different needs and wants but we all have the same goal and that is to be Healthy with lasting results. Not only do we want to reach an optimal level of health we want to continue to which eventually becomes a way of life. However, this is not possible unless we invest our time and efforts to do so. We can help you achieve your goals and help you make a smooth transition from bad habits, loss of motivation, nutritional deficiencies etc. To shape the lifestyle that will suit you to be your optimal!


We are human after all and life happens, we can start a new program with good intention and focus but then…Life happens. This is why we created The Health and Wellness Club to help you get through the times you need support and motivation. We offer Tips, Nutritional advice, Yoga for your specific constitution and many more benefits. 


Research shows that for a change to become a habit and to really see lasting results you need time to build and reinforce the new you. In order to see lasting results, you need a good amount of time to transform physically and mentally thus the offer of a 12-month membership at a monthly fee. 


Here are some of the many benefits you will get once you join The Mukti Health and Wellness Club:


Learn how to boost your immunity.


You will receive emails with tips and advice on many topics that are relevant to you. Learning to boost your immunity is a good topic to start especially at each season changes when we seem to be at our most vulnerable and easily fall ill. Perhaps you are going through some stressful situation this will lower your immunity as well. 



Nutritional Advice and coaching.


A major part of reaching our health goals is our diet and how and when we eat. We can provide nutritional coaching as part of assessment and maintenance throughout the 12-month program. This is a great benefit that will transform how you see food and the relationship with it. We will also provide recipes, how to videos and much more nutritional fun! 


Learn about a Daily Routine that will enhance your life.


How we start our day and end our day can have a great impact in our lives especially in the long term. We will provide you a framework of a daily routine to follow that will eventually become as common as brushing your teeth every morning!


Learn to create your own Self-help first aid kit.


Doctors always advise having a first aid kit at home in case of an emergency. Why not also have a sself-help kit? this is designed based on your needs and goals in mind. Perhaps you need a bit of motivation to believe in yourself and know you can change for the better. Perhaps your mind races with repetitive thoughts or just overload of information from your busy day that you cannot sleep. Together we create a self-help first aid kit to go to when you feel you need a little emotional plaster to save the day. 


Online support 24/7 from us in Mukti.


Of course, we are always here to help you and listen. We strive to help you through the process and give you the tools for you to learn about yourself and take your health into your hands.